Board Meetings

Board Agenda

The following agenda outline works well for early-stage startup board meetings:

  1. Management high-level update: What went well, what didn't go well, what did we learn, what are we doing about the issues we identified
  2. Current KPIs
  3. Optional focus topic: It's often a good idea to have rotating focus topics that the board spends a bit more time on (30-45 minutes). For example, you can rotate between product deep dives, marketing and sales, HR strategy, annual budget (as the last session of the year). This allows the board to think more deeply about crucial topics without getting distracted too much by operational details.
  4. Short operational updates (1-2 slides each) from all sectors:
  5. a) Product

    b) Marketing

    c) Sales

    d) Market update (e.g. notable competitive developments) and Partnerships

    e) HR and Team

    f) Finance and Operations

  6. Current financials
  7. Administrative: Approval of minutes, potentially approval of new stock option grants, etc.
  8. Asks and tasks

Useful Resources