Energy Management

1.1 Renewable energy

  • Search for sustainable energy providers (e.g. Ostrom)
  • Pro Tip: Not every green energy provider actually helps to foster the energy transition to more sustainable options. Often this energy is produced anyway and the customer that booked ÔÇťgreen energyÔÇŁ, just gets the energy with this label. So be careful when choosing your energy provider.
  • Energy providers with the labels ok-Power-Label and┬áGr├╝ner-Strom-Label (in Germany) guarantee a minimum of benefit for energy transition

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1.2 Energy efficiency

  • Investing in energy-efficient technology (like smart meters to lower heat-based emissions, such as tado) and switching off computers and equipment when they are not in use are great ways to save energy
  • Minimize data amounts as much as possible - optimize the necessary bit rates for the desires quality possible
  • Set up an energy-efficient website (see here)