b2venture Startup Resources
b2venture Startup Resources

b2venture Startup Resources

Welcome to the b2venture startup resources!

These resources are a curated collection of tools, best practices and relevant articles for your journey of building a company, covering all the areas that founders and teams typically face.

The chapters provide you with a quick starting point for each area, including 💡 helpful overviews for each topic, 💬 example stories from our portfolio founders and angels, and 📚 additional in-depth resources.

🔖  Overview of topics

Frameworks for defining your strategy, purpose, business model, competitive advantage, and more

Insights for your product management, organization, and hiring, your tech stack, product positioning, and pricing

Insights and facts to manage your fundraising process, and templates to structure your data room and terms

Guidance on marketing and sales, customer success, and business development

Tools and resources to tackle your budget, investor reporting, unit economics, expense management, and more

Tips for operational and IT management, productivity, and your operations tool stack

Resources for your hiring needs, role profiles, compensation, and culture aspects

Considerations around data protection, cross-border companies, IP and essential contracts

Guides and best practices to get started with all elements of ESG - to have a “healthy” setup from the beginning

Best practices for startup governance and board operations

We hope these resources prove helpful as a starting point and as general guidance for building your company.

Feel free to check out our 🌐 b2venture Fund Notion Page to learn more about how we operate as an early-stage fund, and reach out to us if you have any further questions or want to get in touch.

We wish you all the best for building your business!

Thoughts? Feedback? Something missing? Please let us know: andreas.goeldi@b2venture.vc or marisa.krummrich@b2venture.vc