Vision, Mission & Values

Establish a clear vision and mission statement that describes your company’s 🛣️Purpose. While you probably have a clear vision in your heads, putting it into words will help guide you in making critical strategic decisions as well as day-to-day choices.


Founder “2030” Manifest

Sitting together with your co-founders and writing down how you envision your company in 5-10 years can be a very valuable exercise. Thinking about the future not only includes the product you aim to build but also the kind of company you want to build and what role each of you wants to play at a certain time.

Team Communication

Make sure that your employees identify with you mission, vision and values - therefore, however, it is essential that every team member knows about it at the first place. They have to understand at a very deep level why they get up in the morning and come in to work (how does everything play together, what do they contribute to the overall vision etc.). This will help to (1) increase team spirit, (2) make everyone feel "important" and responsible, and (3) enable everyone to take the right decisions.

Defining a clear vision and mission statement is very important. To effectively communicate it is even more important. Thus, Jennifer, CEO and co-founder of finway, hosts an onboarding session every month, during which she explains the problem they address with finway, how they solve it, what their mission is, what values they live by and what they have achieved so far