Employee Satisfaction

Satisfaction survey

  • Measurement of employee satisfaction by distributing standardized surveys among employees e.g. 15five, office vibe, culture amp.
  • Most of the time these surveys are conducted quarterly or twice a year. Some companies start very early (from 20 employees onwards), while others claim that results are only representable from a sample of 50 people onwards.


Potential Questions:

  • Furthermore, we have gathered some example questions from our portfolio companies:
    • Create 5-7 overarching dimensions with not more than 25-30 questions in total
    • Example of dimensions + questions:
    • General
      • How long have you been with the company? (free text)
      • Do you belong to the management team? (yes/no)
      • How likely are you to recommend the company to a friend? (scale)
      • Would you re-apply to your job? (yes/no)
        • If no — Why?
    • Organizational leadership
      • How satisfied are you with the communication of the leadership team? (scale)
      • How clear is the vision, mission, strategy? (scale)
      • How could you help the company to achieve its goals? (free text)
    • Culture & Values
      • How do you like the team culture? (scale)
      • Do you feel that co-workers treat each other with respect? (scale)
      • How valued do you feel? (scale)
      • Do the values of the company represent the culture? (scale)
    • Office & Work Setting
      • Are you happy with the current working set-up? (e.g. remote, hybrid, office) (scale)
        • If no — Why?
    • Benefits & Personal Development
      • How clear is the career path? (scale)
      • Are you able to unleash your full potential at the company? (scale)
        • If no — Why?
      • How happy are you with the current employee benefits? (scale)
      • What benefit is missing for you personally? (free text)
    • Final Questions
      • What would be one thing you would change? (free text)
      • Comments, Feedback (free text)

Presentation of results

  • Communicating the results of your employee satisfaction survey is extremely important to make employees feel valued and heard.
  • Most of our portfolio companies present the results in an all-hands meeting. Either they conduct (1) “Ask me anything”-Sessions with the founders or (2) collect the questions upfront (sometimes even anonymously) and then answer them in the meeting.