NameDescriptionBenefit / €TagEligible to applyAdditional requirementsContact.
18-months individualized program for growth and later stage companies.
Tailored mentoring and workshops to help with entry to international markets.
Scale-ups; product on the market; complete team; VC funding secured; startup has to be based in NRW
3-month go-to-market program; goal is to get POC with a bank & get investment-ready
200h of consulting + possibilty to receive AWS Promotional Credit ($10,000) & AWS Business Support (up to $5,000)
Fintech, Cybersecurity and Digital B2B Startups
Participants need to have launched product and generate income in their home markets
Establishment of a new company, takeover of an existing company and projects to consolidate existence in the first five years after establishment.
Up to €1.5m; 6-10 years duration with up to 2 redemption-free start-up years
Startups and SMEs; located in Berlin
Date of foundation not more than 7 years prior to the date of application
3-month program to tackle legal & financial challenges and work on the product-market-fit
Consulting and networking
Startups with a focus on IT, Artificial Intelligence, IT security or Smart Production
Participants must be in an early stage and have a scalable business model
Supports Start-Ups with reporting, matchmaking and more
Consulting and networking
Startups; early-stage to grownup
6-month accelerator program including coaching, co-working, mandatory workshops and more; goal is to boost the companies growth
Possibilty to receive a funding (> €100k) or a grant (€ 12k per founder)
Digital Startups with scalable business model
Date of foundation not more than 2 years ago; only interesting if you are a Pre-Seed company; Company has to be based in Bonn or from the region.
Program help StartUps to prepare for international expansion and develop a go-to-market strategy; different programs available (e.g. Life Science, Market Discovery, Market Access)
Mentoring and networking
Startups incorporated in Germany
Participants must be promising start-ups and young companies with great potential in the US or Southeast Asian market. They should have a strong founding team and a product or service that is already on the market.
Platform for all founders at any stage to reach their next milestone through personalized technical tools and business resources
Free access to technologies/software tool; up to $150k in Azure credits; mentoring and technical assistance
Startups in all phases (from early stage to scale up)
Different accelerator programs depending on the phase of the company
Consulting, networking and cooperation with industry partners
Green Tech-Startups; early-stage to grownup
3-month program supporting entrepreneurs to scale their businesses
€15k per company to cover living expenses; technology access; coaching and networking
Digital Health Startups (only relevant for pre-seed companies)
3 months accelerator program
Up to € 1.5M in advertising volumne
Young B2C companies (only relevant for pre-seed companies)
Participants need a mass-market ready products/services
Corona aid; application submitted by reviewing third party on behalf of applicant via digital interface to state granting agencies; application deadline for initial applications and amendments is April 30, 2022!
Up to € 10m/month; % of eligible fixed costs depending on % decline in revenue
Government Aid
German companies of all sizes
Companies have to meet various eligibility requirements, such as on company size and sales declines.
Entrepreneurship center connected to TUM (University); different offerings including workshops, consulting as well an MBA program for entrepreneurs
Educational input, coaching and versatile assistance
Startups in all phases (early stage to scale up)