A CTO's Responsibilities


The Three Main Categories of CTOs


Dimensions of CTO Activity


Example for a CTO Job Description / Job Ad

About us

<Describe the company in compelling terms>

Your responsibilities

  • Build and lead a product and engineering team from scratch, including hiring, defining the necessary organizational structure and management processes.
  • Define and implement a product and engineering culture that thrives on rapid iteration, tangible innovation and high quality – leading by example.
  • Based on the overall product vision and value proposition, identify the most effective technological strategy and path to implementation.
  • Define and prioritize product initiatives along the product roadmap. Work with product management and engineering to execute efficient implementation.
  • Collaborate with external and internal customers to gain input on product requirements and evolving customer needs.
  • Communicate and evangelize the product value proposition, technology strategy and roadmap to external and internal stakeholders.


  • Master's degree in computer science, information management, MIS (Wirtschaftsinformatik) or similar fields
  • Alternatively, similar degree in a closely related field


  • At least five years of experience as a software engineer or in a similiar code-producing role, ideally with full-stack skills
  • Two or more years of experience in managing a technical team (ideally combination of developers, engineers, product managers, designers)
  • Two or more years of experience guiding the technology strategy and development roadmap of a company, major corporate department or major development project (Experience can be in parallel, for example as an engineering manager who still wrote some code)
  • Optional: Industry experience in the <industry> field
  • Optional: Experience as a product manager
  • Optional: Experience in a high-growth startup environment

Technical Skills

  • Development experience in at least 2-3 major programming languages and web tech stacks. Python and JavaScript strongly preferred.
  • First-hand familiarity with cloud computing environments and highly scalable data storage infrastructure.
  • Practical experience running a mission-critical 24/7 available web-based system with the necessary devops infrastructure, system monitoring infrastructure and backup facilities.
  • First-hand experience with agile development methodologies and the necessary tools
  • Familiarity with roadmap planning
  • Optional: Practical experience with machine learning algorithms and applications
  • Optional: Experience in data analysis and data science concepts

Other Skills and Personality Traits

  • Self-starter with demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit in a startup or dynamic corporate environment
  • Proven presentation and writing skills to effectively communicate technical concepts and strategies to a diverse audience
  • Skilled at hiring and developing technical people

What we have to offer

<Make a compelling pitch about the company, culture, role, and perks>