Since 2000 b2venture and the b2venture angel investor community have supported startups across all stages of the startup lifecycle, from pre-seed to IPO. While governance in the earliest stages of a company’s life is very informal, companies on their way toward maturity and the public markets need formalized structures in place such as committees and policies that ensure all of a company’s shareholders are informed and aligned. Each phase of development carries with it a variety of challenges that require evolution and transformation - not only with regard to operations and management but also at the board level.

What does the ideal evolution of startup governance look like? And how can younger companies build governance structures that are dynamic and adaptive to their changing needs? The fastest-growing startups need boards that grow and govern ahead of the curve.

That is why we developed these startup governance resources for gathering, sharing, and implementing best practices for startup governance and board operations.

Governance Structure
Board Agenda, Calendar & Minutes
Board Composition
Board Compensation

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