From sourcing candidates, to building scorecards and interview questions, to managing your decision timeline and negotiating compensation: We have compiled a guide to hiring your team members.

Typical areas and skills that your CTO, CFO/VP Finance, VP Product and other organization areas should cover.

Find guidance around structuring compensation, and a break-down of salary and ESOP here.

What is the purpose of contracts? And what content should be included?

What to put in your culture code, tips for remote working, and helpful resources that provide perspective on building a great culture.

As a founder, personal branding can help you stand out from the crowd, attract investors and customers, inspire your team, and build your reputation and credibility. Find tips and reference cases here.

Founder burnout is all too prevalent - we have collected a few signs to watch out for, and preventative measures.

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Getting the most out of your advisors


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Overview of Headhunter & Recruitment Agencies

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